What Do You Need?

As we enter over 75...million days in quarantine, we are all losing our minds a little bit. I'm honestly surprised we are doing as well as we are. Let's stop to give ourselves a little credit for managing the most extreme overnight change to our society.

In this little moment of thinking about how we've adapted, think about this question, what do YOU need...right now? We are all in need of different things. Some have financial needs, others need a change of scenery, many need a break, some need a friend or companion, others need alone time...or all of the above! So in all of this chaos, I've stopped to think about this question and what I really need.

Honestly, I needed a reset and shift in mindset because I was in this terrible loop and definitely let the stress boil over. We had a non-Covid medical situation happen recently and that really put me over the edge. However, I had a moment on my own, to take care of this situation, which gave me the opportunity to reframe what our family is going through. I thought about how I'm handling everything and knew I needed to change my mindset and behavior for the good of my family and my own sanity.

We're all in this together and most of the time things seem so scary and terrible and awful...but we are in it! There's no way around a pandemic and of course they always say, it's how you handle or react to what's been handed to you...and I needed a lot of work! First of all, I knew I had to teach myself to have more patience...like right now! My kids are so little and I have to dig deep and remember that all the time. All. The. Time. During my brief moment of clarity, I had a mental reset to make a change in a big way. I'd been handling it really badly and needed to just stop...reset...and move forward. I now focus on how not to over react and take a breath before letting the stress overwhelm me. I work on this every day and I want to come out of this time in my life better and stronger than how I entered.

So my question is, what do you need? I started this blog over a year ago to help people and I've been so consumed with my own situation, I have not had any energy to think about anything else. This should be my moment to reach out and relate to others since that was my mission!

Whatever comes to mind when you read the question, "What do you need?" is there anything within your control that you can do to help the situation, even just a little? Can you possibly reframe or adjust how you are handling things? Are there resources you can use that you haven't been taking advantage of? As you think about what's been the toughest, is there anything you can do to make it just slightly easier or less stressful? Maybe not, but maybe there's something small...just to bring some relief, which might be what you need right now?

For me, it started with thinking about what I needed and honestly, just that helped at first. Hopefully this just makes you think about your situation and if there's anything to make it slightly better. Good luck and I hope we can come out of this better and stronger together!

Finding Beauty in the Storm

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