Weirdest First "Real" Summer Vacation

My son just finished Kindergarten, so for the first time he's getting to experience "Summer Vacation" since school is out, but really...we are home. And every day is the same. He has no real concept of Summer yet, besides warm weather. It's also the weirdest time in modern history and everyone is on edge.

I've had conversations with some of my childhood friends about what our summers were like and in the 80s, we were just kids on the street, bouncing from house to house. I don't remember any real adult supervision or interaction. Just kids outside all summer long. Endless bike rides, hopping into the neighbors' pool, and man hunt when the sun went down. I feel lucky to have those memories.

My kids' memories will be different, but like everyone, we are still trying to make them great. They have 24/7 parents home and thankfully I'm lucky enough that they want us around. The days roll into one another and although as adults we're stressed about the current situation, we try not to let them notice. We are also lucky we get beach and pool time (thanks to the grandparents) so in my kids' eyes, things are great.

This might be the weirdest summer for all of us, but I'm thankful we will still have some great I continue to try to find the silver lining during this crazy time!

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