As we transition into the back half of summer, I've been thinking a lot about a big new transition in our life coming up; my son is starting Kindergarten in September. I started this blog because my life was transitioning from having a full time job to leaving the corporate world. I wanted to write about what that experience was like, how it was impacting my life, family, and the changes to me as a person. Now I'm working a more flexible schedule on my own terms, which has taken time away from my blog, unfortunately, but I'm happy with this transition too, which stemmed a new post.

Recently, it dawned on me that I'm about to start another huge transition. Not only is my first baby going to school, but we're about to be back on a school calendar, which I haven't been on in a long long time. Thinking of a "year" from the time span of September to June again, summer breaks, holidays being on set terms and time's all about to change again. I was fairly comfortable on the January to December timeframe with a few weeks of vacation off, of my choosing, which I remember was a big transition to get into, when I graduated from college.

To expand on this, it got me thinking about the big transitions in my life. I remember exactly how it felt when I started working 15 years ago and for the first time in my life (that I could remember at the ripe old age of 22) was that I was no longer on a school calendar with summers off. Summers didn't mean anything anymore because when I started working, the fact that I only got 2 weeks off, in the WHOLE year, hit me like a ton of bricks. It was a VERY tough transition, to go to work every day and feel like I'd never feel freedom again. Little did I know, it would take 15 years to have a little break!

Then, the next really huge transition in my life was becoming a parent. Obviously finding a mate, joining lives and getting married was a transition, but that was such a natural and lovely period of time, when I met my husband. Of course there were adjustments when we joined our lives together, but it was full of happiness and reciprocal love. Not so much when you become a parent and this was my biggest transition, overall. Yes, I had extreme love for my child, but it's work. Man is it work...and they don't love you back right away. Then after becoming a parent to one, having a second child is also another huge transition, which you don't expect since you already have a kid. Two is way different. Can't imagine three (or more!). God bless you strong souls with more than two children!

Circling back to the new transition coming up in our family. My son will be in public school and get on a bus every day which is a big adjustment for us. I remember Kindergarten pretty clearly and making friends, some of which I'm still connected to. He'll remember these times and I want his experiences to be amazing, of course. It's such a big deal!

Life is full of transitions, big and small. Part of the experience of changing my life was to realize the bigger picture and how to create positive outcomes for not only me, but my family. This is such a great one for us! Getting to know the teachers, being part of a school community, my son making new friends and meeting new parents. I can't wait and I'm lucky I have made the decisions in my life to enjoy as much of it as I can. I wanted the space to appreciate the life we have, be mindful & joyful and manage through transitions both the good and the bad. I'm looking forward to all of it!

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