Top Things I've Learned Writing a Blog

It's been almost a year since I launched MotheringMommy and I've learned a lot since my first post. If you are thinking of starting a blog, I'm sharing my here are the top things I've learned in the past year.

1. It's REALLY hard to write a blog...consistently. It's tough for so many reasons. First of all, putting your life out there is scary. You want to be a mix of interesting and fun, yet truthful and it's really not easy at all. I admire those who can write regularly and especially those who share everything in their lives or on their minds.

2. It takes way more time than I thought. Especially being a mom, it's tough to find the time to write something interesting that connects with people. I've definitely thought about why I'm doing this and sometimes looking back, wondered, "Is this interesting and does anyone really care?"

3. No one really cares! We are all busy. That was the whole point of this thing in the first place! We are busy and don't have time to share tips, tricks or stories all the time. Building a community of moms organically definitely takes a skill I didn't anticipate. Those who have done it are real pros and I solute you!

4. Successful ideas need constant attention. I've learned this along the years launching a startup almost a decade ago, working on various projects along the way, working as a consultant's all give and no take in the beginning and even for a long long time after that. You have to be willing to give in so many ways.

5. Write for the right reasons. At different points in the year, I mentioned that blogging was therapeutic for me. My reasons turned to writing for myself instead of my big dream of helping other mothers in the world. Not that I don't want to help other mothers, because I totally do, but we're all busy and my thought of a community and asking others to give content, is very challenging. I turned to writing for myself with the hope of my stories being a good outlet for me, yet relatable and maybe make another person feel like we are all in it together. Real talk...just being honest.

6. Your family and friends really don't want to be your material. I know Carrie Bradshaw had the same problem!

7. However...They are your material so you need to work that out. This one isn't so bad if you have the amount of readers that I do. Saying that fondly for every one who has ever read anything I've written.

Ultimately, I've learned to have goals that enrich the soul. At times I've been stressed that I haven't written enough or put the time in that I wanted to create the community I dreamed of...but that's ok for now. I have gotten something out of creating a website, writing when I could, and using this as an outlet that has helped me in different ways. I've gotten positive feedback from friends and family members and I hope if you've read some of my postings, that you've enjoyed them too! Maybe in year two I'll work on the community aspect to get the second part of my dream going...

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