The Strength in My Circle of Women

I realized that I have the most amazing women in my life. I have strong, successful, smart women that surround me and I appreciate them so much. I'm in awe of their guts and confidence to stand up and follow their passions. They do everything with class and poise and I admire them so much.

I always knew that I was lucky to be around incredible women (and people), but recently there have been so many moments where I'm just beyond proud of who I am surrounded by, that I thought I should really focus on my circle. Many of the women are also mothers, caregivers, bosses or business owners, who manage it all and still have time to support their causes or passions and make a difference.

Honestly, I've been a little scared to put my life out there in this type of forum. The internet can be a cruel place, but as I've said in some of my previous posts, writing about my life while I'm not working, has been a little bit therapeutic. I've also been scared that I went out on a limb, took a huge risk, and gave up a great job, with no real future plans. Actually, it's really scary when I think about it. I have no idea what is next, but when I look at the women around me, they have all been scared at times. That drove them through the tough times or during the times where they were building something extraordinary or planting the seeds for their futures. These women keep me going. My fear is just fear and I keep thinking that this is my year for doing things outside the norm...including this blog.

On that note, the theme of my blog of women helping women, or mothers helping mothers, I want to share some things I've recently learned from my circle of women...Confidence and having the guts to do whatever it is you are passionate about, is the number one thing you need to start something scary. Be sweet, but strong. Be business savvy and bold. Ask for things and don't be shy. Speak up, even when others sit down. Really go out on a limb, when you are out of your comfort zone. Think about what's the absolute worst that can happen? Probably not go for it.

For me, if I fail, I will look to the strong women around me to build me up. Right now I'm enjoying life, staying positive and embracing my fear of the future unknown. I encourage taking on something that scares you, too. Whatever "it" is, go for it and don't be too afraid, or if you are, the other women around you are amazing and strong, just like my circle of women, to lift you up. We all can do it. To close on a quote from no one other than the fearless Beyonce, "Who run the world? GIRLS."

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