The Real Mother's Day Wish

The real deal Mother’s Day wish...What is it? Obviously it will vary between moms, but what do we really want on Mother's Day? The sleep memes are going strong and they are definitely true if you have babies or newborns, but this week leading up to “our” day, I’m having such funny conversations with my friends and other moms about our wants and expectations. Do we want the brunches or meals out at restaurants with our kids on such a busy day? Maybe? Do we want to be left alone, as many other memes suggest? Do we want the pajamas / flowers / jewelry / chocolate / massages / home made art? Do we possibly buy our own presents while we are out and text our husbands something like, “I left my Mother's Day gift in your office, wrap for the kids to give to me.” A specific story I share in common with a bunch of other moms I’ve talked to recently.

It’s interesting because shopping for Mother’s Day is also tough. What do the grandmothers want? They have everything and we've gotten them all of the mentioned ideas above, so now what? I started thinking about how the mom memes with small kids, the demo group I’m part of, say we want time to sleep or be alone, etc. Thinking about the grandmothers, all they want for the most part, is time together with their families. This is nothing profound, but it makes me feel lucky about the powerful support I personally have, because I have two mothers who help me feel the relief of needing a break that so many moms mention. Even more so in my case, over the past few years, our moms have been part of raising our children and keeping up our household...and the main reason I could be a working mom. Going back to the different stages in life as a mom, our moms just simply want to be with us, but when the kids are young, we may just need a break and be alone.

So back to my question, what is our real Mother's Day wish? Ultimately, I personally want a little acknowledgement and effort. I'll go out on a limb and say I think that is pretty universal for most moms. We want some thought put into making a nice Mother's Day, as we define it, and what will bring us peace or joy. Whether it is time alone or catching up on sleep, a massage or flowers or just being asked what we'd like. If it is an elaborate brunch and time with family, we want to know that we were top of mind of what will bring each of us some happiness, on this day.

As a previous working mom, I want to acknowledge how tough it is to balance a career, a family and a household. It's utterly insane and I seriously don't know how I did it or how I'll ever do it again. Working moms, you are all amazing. For the SAHMs, which I'm currently doing part time (my kids go to school for some of the week so I can't take too much credit here) I don't know how you have kids 24/7 with no real help or breaks. Dipping my toe in this water, it's also insane and you are all incredible. As someone who needs lots of positive reinforcement myself, I acknowledge all of you! You are superheroes and I hope whatever your Mother's Day wish is, that it comes true!

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