Summer in Full Swing

It's been over a month. I've totally neglected my blog. My excuse is that I've started working again and that's taken all of my time. However, most people with blogs also have jobs, so I need to learn to manage both. So here we go...

Enjoying Summer as a mom is almost like prepping for Christmas for 3 months. The treats and excitement are constant and the work behind it all is endless. It's fun, I love the warm weather, but it is beyond exhausting. Prepping for all of the "fun" puts your brain in overdrive constantly...

"Remember the bathing suits, extra clothes, extra shoes, snacks...snacks...snacks...towels! Don't forget towels. And plastics baggies for the wet stuff. LOTION! GALLONS OF LOTION!!! Just dip the little suckers in it! DRINKS. We won't survive without drinks. Water. Need water. And toys. Lots of toys. Bring an app. We said we'd bring an app..."

Sometimes after whatever plans we have, I think back on the work:fun ratio and I know that's probably sick and twisted, but that's how my mind works. I will say, it usually skews heavier on fun though. Like normal, I am usually happy as long as the kids are entertained. It doesn't take much for me to enjoy whatever we are doing.

To make things easier, I've got a fairly efficient system down where I have a big bag ready for most plans we have. I work on stocking it on over the week, so we can pick up and go to your pool club when invited, in a hot minute. That helps. I think a Mom's Summer Tips and Tricks should be started somewhere and a # for all of us. Maybe I'll work on that next. #momsummertips #summertricks4mom ? And camp moms are on a whole other level. That is a topic all on it's own. We all deserve the trophies and pins at the end of the summer!

So, if you can relate to this post, hang in there. Enjoy your summer and I hope your work-to-fun ratio is heavily weighted on the fun side this weekend!

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