Starting 2020 - a look back and forward

It's been while since my last blog. I haven't put the time into it that I've wanted. Writing often is tough and I admire those that can do it regularly! Here's a summary of wrapping the decade.

Now of course, we’re all assessing our lives, especially right now. Tis the season of reflection! Looking back on the last decade, I personally had the best 10-years I could ever ask for. All of my major life events happened from 2010 - on. I met my husband, got married, had babies, started a very interesting time in my career working for a powerhouse company, leaving that company and changing careers, moving twice, entering my 30s and ultimately settling in to the life I've created.

Specifically, 2019 has been super crazy, but I think that’s the sentiment across the board, or at least what the memes reflect. My favorite one is, “2019 had the Audacity” which is just so great. My 2019 also ended with a bang, as a bunch of unexpected things happened in December. Multiple things, right in a row that caught me off guard, that I wasn’t expecting at all. Between work, kids, and life in general, December was an off month. I usually have pretty good intuition and am rarely surprised by much, so when I was, it really rocked me. Thankfully nothing was Earth shattering that I couldn’t handle, but it was enough small-ish things to make me stop and assess. So as I also reflect, I’ve grown so much and learned a ton of life lessons, as I'm sure everyone has and I'd like to share mine.

Here are my life lessons of 2019:

  • Never take anything for granted. A simple and popular phrase, but one I learned first hand.

  • The grass might be greener, but it will most likely still be patchy in some spots.

  • You can never be too humble or too kind.

Here are some things I've started to practice and will continue in the new decade:

  • Really work on bettering yourself on a constant basis.

  • Ask for help and accept help when you need it.

  • Let as much crap go as you can. Like all of it...all the time.

My goals for 2020:

  • Have fun moments, specifically with the kids, every single day

  • Make my health (mental and physical) a priority every day

  • Reach for extreme career growth, in multiple ways

So Happy New Year to all! Wishing lots of reflections that lead to growth and goals that are achievable, both for this year and next decade to follow!

Last day of 2019 - calm and peaceful

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