Small Things Matter

We're a week into 2020 and all of our optimism for a new decade, a fresh start, a positive perspective has been overcome by scary stories in the news, awful natural disasters, and memes to depress even the happiest moms. Like many of you, I've been thinking about how I can help change my actions for the good of society and the environment and I'm not sure if you feel this way too, but I instantly feel lost and defeated before I begin.

Here's an example of the crazy thoughts in my head in regards to making more environmentally friendly choices...standing in Target for over 5 minutes staring at the laundry detergent wondering if Tide Pods are better than the big plastic Tide bottle. 5 minutes. 5 stupid minutes. Then I got the pods, but realized I had already shipped the big bottle to my house. Stupid stupid stupid.

Forgetting my recycled bags every time I run in to Whole Foods. Literally every time. I started putting them on my front seat next to me and I still forget them. Stupid.

But, I am thinking about these small things. All the time! My execution is beyond poor, but it's on my mind. I'd love to get an environmental lesson on how we can realistically change our habits to help make a bigger positive impact on the planet for our kids. If you have any good articles that are worth a read, please send them to me.

I know that the small things do matter and add up. And that goes for all of our actions in life. The positive things that happen to us should add up too. My small things...Tonight we found an almost lost library book that has had our house twisted up for days. Small thing, but small win and we're all going to bed a little happier. A positive work day, a non-eventful school day, a sunny day and great family night out...small things, but all worth a little extra smile and noted appreciation.

It's tough to see the good stuff when there's rough times around, but our light can come from within and I'm trying to shine on...a little brighter every day.

Amazing sunset from last week

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