Season of Giving...and Giving...

My season of giving starts a little early because my son's birthday is right at the beginning of what we all fondly call "The Holidays." So my world of, "Can I have THAT!" starts pretty early and by about...Oh, TODAY...I'm SO over it. Like most of you can relate to, he has everything + a playroom full of everything else. Once we get through his birthday, the brilliant advertising kicks in for every game involving anything you've never wanted to hear about and creations only those on the good stuff could come up with.

As a marketer, I appreciate the creativity of these wacko toys and their incredibly engaging child-focused advertising. We all fall for it and purchase because of it, but as a parent and someone with a high mortgage, I never thought my real estate would be filled with things like, "Doggie Doo" Feed your doggie, and then squeeze the leash. After he makes his gassy sounds - plop! - which is the exact description from Target's site. Or, Greedy Granny, where poor old Granny's teeth actually fly across the room...for the WIN!

So my season of small children asking for things, is well into effect. It's going to be a long long few weeks. If you see a boost in my re-posts of positive mantras and sayings that include things like, happiness is a choice and be happy now or don't let anyone dim the light inside my Insta feed, you'll know why and that I'll be working hard on my mental state. The season of giving is here...are you ready?

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