October Obsessed

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

I'm totally obsessed with October. I love everything pumpkin. Specifically, I love the beer, both Oktoberfest and Pumpkin. I love the coffee and all of the endless treats. I love the trees and all of the decorating...and the weather! It's just the most magical month.

We got married in October and have lots of Birthdays, so there's (social distanced) celebrating and family fun. I feel like we all need October right now. Even just the beauty all around us. The trees are still changing and the harvest is happening, so nature is still running it's course, as my mom would say (story for another time). That's something this crap year can NOT take away from us!

As for me, I am totally going to take advantage and enjoy every single day of October! I am feeling inspired by this new season change. The past few months have been so difficult for so many reasons. I'm seeing this stunning natural beauty all around, that I look forward to all year, as a time for inspiration, motivation and growth! Can you relate?

Thanks for being here, October! We needed you...and please don't go by too fast!

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