MotheringMommy 1-Year-Old

It's been a year since I launched MotheringMommy when I stopped working at my big job to take some time off. There's a lot of irony because after about a 6 week break last year, I started working again and for the past 10 mths, I've had my own consultancy with a few clients, but one big project. That big project just ended, almost to the day, a year after I left my corporate job. So now, I'm in the exact same place I was last year, just with a ton more knowledge and experience than I could ever imagine...

Now, the world is crumbling and it's the scariest time most people alive have witnessed. Which again, ironically, brings me back to one of the main reasons I wanted to start MotheringMommy. I remember wanting to try to help mothers in need, and here we are...ALL IN NEED! Every single one of us. I also find myself unsure of how to help others. We can't physically get close to each other, but are there things we can do to help.

I'm trying to stay as positive as possible. It's REALLY tough some days or some minutes or hours. I lose it a lot. If I stop to think about the stress, it overwhelms I try not to do that! Finding peace and routine are my daily goals. Also, taking it day-by-day and not looking ahead too far, because we all just don't know.

Other things I'm doing...minimizing my news intake. Maybe once or twice a day checking in, instead of multiple hours. Trying to be grateful for what we do have...Feeling grateful that we are all still healthy.

What else is helpful to those in tough situations? On this MotheringMommy Anniversary, I'll continue to keep it going and share my experiences...if only for myself. I would love to help others, but I'm not exactly sure how. I'll keep working on it...

Regardless of everything else...Here's to keeping this going for a year!

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