Mommy Lessons Needed

For the past year, I led a marketing training program where we dove deep on topics like, how to create a compelling value proposition or understanding brand guidelines (learn them and love them!). As I've reflected during my first week home, it has occurred to me that we get training or education for a whole host of things, formally and informally, except for being a parent.

Besides a random course like Happiest Baby on the Block or a breastfeeding seminar, there's no formal training or degree in caring for babies, raising children, or managing (surviving) the teenage years. When I became a mom, the concept of not having training for the highest stakes possible (keep the baby alive!) made me feel very unprepared. I spent much more time learning Photoshop than preparing to be a parent. I'm not that great at Photoshop. I can't even put it on my resume...You get my point.

Everyone says the same thing, "You'll figure it out" which you kind of do. It's more "on the job training" as we call it in the biz. It got me thinking, imagine if you approached parenting the same way that a brainstorming or ideation training workshop is done? Instead of lamaze and sitting on a mat, what if you and your partner participate in a formal parenting brainstorm session? Get the post-it's out, with the big markers and real life parenting topics to think through ahead of time. You'd talk about your ideas on how to handle different scenarios that come up with raising children, in a safe space, with a professional there to guide you.

I know there are parenting classes and I have not done enough research to find out if this "brainstorming on different parenting scenarios" idea exists, but I think the concept is interesting. I like the approach of an ideation session on the complex topics, ahead of time, because there might be (definitely will be) topics you didn't even know existed. I also realize you never really know how you'll react until you are in the moment, but it could possibly make you just a little bit more prepared. Maybe?

Right now I need Mommy Lessons on how to teach sharing and positive reinforcement with rewards. I think I'm going to get my sticky notes out and brainstorm a bit. I'll tell you how it goes.

P.S. I asked my mom to proofread this post and she said I'm approaching motherhood like running a corporation. I thought that was a funny concept and she said I can add in her thought. I think we just discovered that I'm running my house and family as a company...more to come on this (somewhat twisted) topic in the future.

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