"Momcation" is a thing and I'm all over it!

I just heard the word Momcation and it's my new favorite (stupid) made up word. Usually I hate these words, but this one is perfect right now.

Definition: (n.) 1. A break from one's motherly duties 2. Extended periods of time that one's children spend with their father...

Honestly, part 2 actually goes on to say "usually due to a custody agreement," but it's perfect for me to just end it with...extended period of time with their father. Perfect, done.

We all need this. It's a must! The mental capacity that mothers need to have is next level. Keeping track of multiple peoples' lives, the events that fill the lives, the things and things and things that are in each life and the relationships that orbit around us, takes more brain power than I ever expected to have to handle. It's like running on a treadmill...while juggling...while someone is throwing you a new ball every few minutes...or adjusting the incline...and replacing your water with pickle juice. Once you think you've got the hang of it, there's a new twist!

That's why we all need a Momcation! To rest our brains, recharge, and come back refreshed mothers. Last year I wrote about going away with my husband and how everyone should take a trip just the two of you. I definitely felt like a new person after! Now, I'm all about taking time for mom. The burn out is real and as I mentioned, self care is one of my goals for 2020.

So here are some Momcation ideas for you and research if you aren't convinced yet...I have indulged already in 2020 and it was SO worth it. I hope you can make it happen!

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