Illusion of Perfect

Optics are everything. We used to say that at work all the time. If the project "appeared" to be on track with a beautiful presentation created, that almost mattered more than if the due date on the slide had already passed. In my time off, I have realized regular life is similar in many ways. Optics are everything. Of course, I have thought about this before, looking at what people share online vs. wondering what their life is really like, especially as someone who doesn't post much on social media. Then I realized, I still care about optics too and still want the perfect pictures of my kids to remember the moments, even if I don't post them online.

I realized I'm like this too on Easter. For us, Easter is a holiday where we dress up and go to church. We spend time with family, have fun with egg hunts and the kids get Easter baskets...the whole deal. Getting the perfect picture of everyone dressed up in their Easter outfits is almost as important to me as the day itself. Not sure why, I can't really tell you.

Pulling the curtain back, here's my reality revealed...Getting the kids dressed and looking good on Easter Sunday was a horrific task. There was resistance, yelling, then crying...on Easter (which I reminded them many times!). After the Easter Bunny came to our house and the kids got goodies, no one wanted to cooperate for the picture before we left the house, while they were still fresh and clean. We ended up getting a few shots, but not the perfect picture I had envisioned.

So, over the past week, looking at everyone's beautiful Easter pictures (mine not included), I realized that our "so so" picture isn't what I'll remember this Easter. Here's what I'll actually remember...that after we left the house, my kids were really good in church. That we had a lovely lunch with our family with amazing food and wonderful conversation. The important stuff was great. It makes me think, we are obsessed with the illusion of perfect for the picture of the memories, but it's really about the real memories. And maybe it's not that important to dress them up just for the picture. Or should I say not worth the trouble?

I reflect about life a lot these days because at this point, I'm starting my 6th week being home. Just to update on what I've been doing, I have gotten through many items on my house punch list, which is why my blog has been slacking a little. As I continue to ponder, I'll try to stay more on top of it to show I'm still passionate about MotheringMommy. Optics...ya know?

The perfect shot was worth it! Just kidding. Stock Photo. Not My Children

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