Home for a Month - The Chronicles

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Day 108: Monday - June 29 - We are well over 100 days of life being completely different. When I started this blog post, no one had any idea what this virus would turn into. At this point over 2.5 MM Americans have contracted the virus that they know of, so that number is probably more like 5 million. Over 125,000 have died in our country. This is a very weird time because things are opening again and no one really knows what to do. We now wear masks in public and have to keep a social distance from everyone. I'm thinking of wrapping up this post because there is no end in sight. Here are the positives for me - I've gotten 100x closer to my kids. I've really grown as a mother in ways I never expected. It has been SO hard and difficult in so many ways for so many reasons, but I feel like I've really become a much better mom because of it. With all the unknown, devastation, sadness, loss we've all been through, looking for the positives where ever we can, so I'll end this post on that note...Home for a month - or 4 - or 6 - or who knows?! Only time will tell.

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Day 95: Tuesday - June 16 - Last day of school! WOOHOO!!! We made it. I cried after the last Zoom call. The past 95 days have been really tough trying to teach Kindergarten. I am not good at it. My poor child. He did the best he could and I managed to change my focus about half way in to channel more patience and not lose it every single day. We ended strong and I'm so excited for the next chapter! Summer - let's see what this brings. Who knows?!

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Day 79: Sunday - May 31 - Last day of May. We had a pretty good week overall. The nice weather definitely helps. We are in this weird in between phase where no one really knows what to do or think. Some things are open and people are out and others like us are still staying pretty quarantined. Definitely a mix between stir crazy, regular crazy, and still scared to leave the house or make a wrong move. Let's hope June brings good vibes and more peace.

Day 78: Saturday

Day 77: Friday

Day 76: Thursday

Day 75: Wednesday - Happy 75 Days. 3 weeks left of school. Sunshine and warm weather are here...finally! We had a couple of bad weeks so this week will be a good one! I'm sure of it. I have an open and positive mindset and I'm in the good mood groove.

Day 74: Tuesday

Day 73: Monday

Day 72: Sunday

Day 71: Saturday

Day 70: Friday - May 22 - And just like that, the month of May is almost over. 70 Days! May has been a month of growth for me personally. I've definitely gotten into the rhythm of how life is now. There are no more answers than there were at the beginning of this. We've had some crazy things happen to us personally, which are way worse during a pandemic. We are managing through and doing ok though - thank goodness! I have a new outlook to make the most of this time, that I've been able to maintain for more than a day and keep my sanity! I've been focusing on my patience and being a better mom and wife. Like REALLY trying to be better. I'm not working right now, so although that brings stress, from day-to-day I can focus on taking care of my family. I was recently reminded that keeping my house going is probably the most important job to do right now, and I lost sight of that along the way in the stress of everything. Reframing this certainly helped me and I'm hopeful this is a new outlook that I can maintain for the duration of this very tough time for all of us.

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Day 52: Monday - May 4 - Over 50 days and today they just announced there's no more school for the rest of the year. I believe we will continue virtual school, but I hope they end early. However, not sure what we are going to do over the summer. I guess if nothing else, school provides some structure. We really need to continue learning so we are not behind. If school starts in September, the kids will be home for just about 6 months. That's so crazy to think about. I think I've written that before.

Well this weekend was so beautiful outside. Perfect days in the 70s. We only get a few of these a year so I'm enjoying every moment! Today and this week should be beautiful also. That's what we look forward to these days!

Maybe I should change my title to home for 6 mths?

Day 51: Sunday

Day 50: Saturday

Day 49: Friday

Day 48: Thursday

Day 47: Wednesday

Day 46: Tuesday - I'm unmotivated. All I do is clean a never ending mess. Cook for endless hunger...and imagine what life on the other side of this will be like. It's tough to imagine life going back to normal any time soon. I'm definitely lost. I know they say in times like these you should reinvent yourself or use this time to be productive. Even though all I have is time, it feels like I'm drowning in the absence of structure.

Day 45: Monday - April 27 - 45 days in. 6 weeks. We are all numb at this point. Even the Zoom meetings are getting old. I think our social interactions are forever changed. Everything feels weird and awkward now.

Day 44: Sunday -

Day 43: Saturday -

Day 42: Friday -

Day 41: Thursday -

Day 40: Wednesday - Wow - 40 days...40 days! That is a big number. Old life seems like forever ago. Today feels more uncertain that it did on Day 5. Will we get to 100 days? What will that look like? They are opening Georgia up, so it'll be a test for the nation. Everyone is restless.

Day 39: Tuesday - Today it's windy, but sunny. It feels wonderful being down here. The kids are doing great and it's nice to feel like everything is manageable down here. There's space for everyone and I love that the kids can play outside without worry.

Day 38: Monday - The kids are loving being down at the beach. Our yard is small and fenced in so we don't worry about them going far, as opposed to at home where it's just a free for all. I feel like it was the right thing. Especially after being able to go on a beautiful family bike ride yesterday and only seeing 1 person on the way.

Day 37: Sunday - I didn't sleep last night wondering if we made a mistake coming down here. It's so beautiful and being close to the ocean is so therapeutic. It's very empty, which is wonderful...so I'm hoping it was the right thing to do.

Day 36: Saturday - We changed locations today and came down to our beach house. A move I debated and wrestled with for a long time. After 36 days in the house, we are fortunate enough to have a location to change to, so we took it. We'll see if it is the right move.

Day 35: Friday - I think Fridays are tough getting to the end of the week. Things are getting tougher and everyone is feeling like this is getting old.

Day 34: Thursday -

Day 33: Wednesday -

Day 32: Tuesday - Today is great. The sun is shining and we didn't have a bad day of storms yesterday thank goodness. Lot of people lost power or worse and I seriously can't imagine...

I feel really good today and I'm trying to stay as calm as I can. My new favorite thing to do is puzzles and it occupies my time nicely.

Day 31: Monday - I feel rejuvenated after this weekend. I had my hardest days at the end of last week and going back to this original post, today everything was supposed to go back to normal. Now...there's no end in sight. Today starts new digital school, which is tougher than what we had before. It's tough to keep focus, but we're doing the best we can.

One thing I realized is that everyone has it tough in different ways. My "tough" is that I have 2 small kids with endless energy. I also have no patience and have a tough time teaching Kindergarten and being a preschool teacher. I think about what's tough for me, but then think of those who are by themselves and being lonely must be tough. When you are alone with your thoughts, no matter who we are, it's tough. Months of that can drive a person crazy I'd imagine.

Day 30: Sunday - Another beautiful day outside and very warm. Easter Sunday! The Easter did come even with the sickness. The kids were very excited and we had a very nice day.

We did a family Zoom over dessert which was very fun. Definitely not the typical Easter, but it was nice and we had some sweet moments.

Day 29: Saturday - Beautiful day and finally got a break with my hubs stepping in to help with the kids...after a near breakdown (near, not complete!) but after getting a little help, it helped. A lot! We went on a family bike ride and it was just awesome. A very special time that all 4 of us could enjoy.

Day 28: Friday - I didn't capture any of this week's adventures being home. It went by really fast actually, but it's still not easy. Especially since we have no end in site.

This weekend is Easter. We are going to dye a few eggs, but we can't really waste food, so not that many. I am not into decorating or anything. The Easter Bunny will come, but nothing crazy.

The kids are bouncing off the walls and we are too, a bit. I think this was my hardest day. End of a long long week.

Day 27: Thursday -

Day 26: Wednesday -

Day 25: Tuesday -

Day 24: Monday -

Day 23: Sunday - A month ago was my Birthday. It was a wonderful day of celebration with my friends and family. My friends surprised me and took me to see Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. We stayed in a beautiful hotel suite thanks for my dear friend who got us hooked up, we had an amazing dinner and then a fun night out at the show. I got home on the morning of March 5, my 38th Birthday and my husband surprised me by working from home. Something in the old world, he never did. It was just us as the kids were in school and we went out for a lovely lunch and then had an awesome dinner.

Yes, the virus was out there, but we had no idea what was really about to hit our society and globe. I was able to celebrate and it was so delightful. That was only 1 month ago. That's it. It feels like a lifetime ago. In 1 month almost 350,000 people have CONFIRMED cases of Covid-19. That means for every 1 of those, you know there's at least 1, minimum, person who did not get tested but has the virus. Let's say 700,000. One month.

We all have whiplash for what our life is like now. Everything has been cancelled. Sports, weddings, school, graduations, the Olympics...how is this our life? Will we ever recover?

Day 22: Saturday - We are doing ok today. I got up early and was at the grocery store first thing just to get a few essentials that were missing from our delivery or pickup shopping. I wore a mask for the first time, glasses, and a hat. The trouble is, if you wear glasses, they fog up immediately! I had no idea. I could not see! I can't imagine being a doctor or nurse wearing a mask and glasses 24/7. It's better to have contacts, but at least glasses protects your eyes. How awful!

Anyway, I was able to get the food I needed and a few treats, which always makes us happy. No rain today hopefully, so looking forward to a great day...all things considered

Day 21: Friday - Today is a bit cloudy. Waiting for some consistently nice weather. Going for short walks to get some fresh air. Next week is technically Spring Break, but I'm going to keep the school routine going and catch up on our work.

This was my first week not working in a long time. Feels very strange, but I have time with the kids which is unavoidable at this point.

Day 20: Thursday - April 2,2020 - Here we are on Day 20. Old life feels like such a distant memory. I can barely keep up even writing a little daily note...I missed Day 18 and Day 19. Next week is supposed to be "Spring Break" and last night we were supposed to leave for our trip to Colorado. We had amazing plans to visit friends and then Spring ski in Vail. Something we looked forward to for months. Gone. Instead we are home. But...we are all thankfully still safe. The numbers are so beyond astounding since I starting writing, I can't believe I even see 1 car on the highway behind my house. WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL GOING OUT? At this rate we are losing 1,000 people a day. I am just waiting for school to be cancelled for the rest of the year. I think we are in this for....I don't even know or want to say. I started this blog as Home for a Month and now I believe it's at least another month.

The good news is that we are in to a routine. We Zoom with our family every few days. We FaceTime with friends. We have activities we do each day. I've gotten in to a grocery routine. We are getting outside when we can and trying to limit screens while we can.

School is going...It's not easy, but I feel like we are at least trying every day to get the assignments in. I will NOT stop schooling next week over Spring Break. We'll keep the routine and fill in the missing assignments.

Day 20 feels like Day 100. What will Day 100 look like?

Day 19: Wednesday -

Day 18: Tuesday -

Day 17: Monday - Week 3 of Home School - so weird we are already on the 3rd week and I feel just as uncertain as day 3 or day 8. Zoom parties are the new norm and keeping us all going. The news is scary. The paused life feels endless. The thing I'm trying to stay positive about is to find the silver linings in things and maintain a routine. I also find comfort in knowing we are all in this together. My favorite reminder of this is Jimmy Fallon trying to do his mini-version of the Tonight Show while his daughters are crawling all over him. Even if you are the host of the Tonight Show to 99% of the world, you are still just Dad to those little girls and if they want candy...you go get them candy! Just like the rest of us....

Day 16: Sunday - It's tough to write every day...not gonna lie. I can't believe 16 days have gone by. And at the same time, it feels like 37 days. Normal life is very much a thing of the past. Not going out for a week is becoming the new normal. Finding out people you know have it, is becoming more routine also. The federal count is well over 100k now with thousands of deaths. NJ is only #2 in cases behind New York.

I did a Zoom party with my friends and a lot of their jobs have been effected by this. My job has ended as well so now I'll be a full time teacher / mom / wife / daycare teacher / house cleaner / chef and blogger.

I started MotheringMommy a year ago with the thought of moms helping other moms out. Now, we all need help. We get no breaks. We all wear multiple hats. It's the toughest time anyone has experienced. On top of everything, we are scared for our families and friends...our society...our economy...our lives will be forever different. During this time all I can be is optimistic in what I do have, while others have so much less. It's not easy and I'm not optimistic all the time, but when I can be I am. Or at least I tr

Day 15: Saturday - Another day. Days just run into the next. It's tough to get a lot done because I find myself moving slow without much urgency and knowing I have the next day (or 30) to get things done does not help to light a fire.

Day 14: Friday - It was supposed to rain today and the sun is out. Maybe it is going to be a good day?

Day 13: Thursday - A nice day outside helps! We did a family Zoom last night which was really fun. We laughed a lot which I definitely needed.

Day 12: Wednesday - I turned the corner back! It's very tough every day. Haha - it's definitely depending on the hour.

Day 11: Tuesday - I'm starting to turn the corner with my children and although this is very hard, we are getting to a place where I'm appreciating and learning more about their little personalities every day. I honestly never expected this. I thought as days went on, it would get more unbearable, but I'm actually get to a new level of getting to know them in a much different way, by spending such long time with them.

Thinking through this a bit, about my old hectic life, we were always on the go. Everything was rushed. Rushed to get out the door in the morning, rushed home to eat dinner, do homework, then get to bed. Weekend rush of activities, parties, family time, rush rush rush. Forcing us to slow down, I'm seeing the appreciation for this time. That's a wonderful thing.

Day 10: Monday - March 23, 2020 - Week 2 of home school. I woke up feeling very positive and good starting the new week. I also can't believe we made it to Day 10! I remember on Day 2 thinking, how are we going to get to Day 10 or Day 18 or Day 23?! Well, Day 10 here we are.

Today I'm going to try not to watch the news as much. I did not sleep well and feel like I'm in a bad dream that I'll hopefully wake up from soon. Don't get me wrong, we are ok and safe and as long as everyone stays healthy, we'll be ok. We have food, lots of space, and entertainment. That's the most important thing.

Home schooling is tough and I'll keep trying, but I'm nervous my son is getting behind. Each day that passes, it's tough to stay focused on school work. We are going to do the best we can, but I'm so nervous he's not learning the fundamentals of Kindergarten. Trying to remain positive, we are going to get through this.

Day 9: Sunday - Another beautiful day, but cold outside. We had another bounce house session which was lots of fun. We got a little stir crazy in the morning and were really feeling the pain of being home. Starting to get frustrated is no way to continue in this existence. My contribution was to get out my old glove and play catch with my husband while the kids were in the bounce house. We actually had fun and it broke the tension.

I need to cut back on the news. It's addicting and I just keep thinking how crazy the media business must be these days. We are now consuming more commercials than ever!

Day 8: Saturday - A beautiful day out means a lot of outdoor play. I was able to clean while the kids played. Life is certainly different when you are not leaving...ever. I have adjusted how I manage the house and the meals. I have reworked our rooms to be more efficient for a full time house-load of people. It's so different.

I am missing social interaction. I feel so sad for my kids who miss their friends. We are FaceTiming and video chatting, but it's obviously not the same.

This week was tough, but I fear next week will be much worse. I'm just praying that we all stay well. It's very scary.

Day 7: Friday - This is tough. Home for a week without much outside interaction or time. It's also been kinda crappy out so that does not help. Home schooling has been going ok, but each day is a little tougher because the newness has worn out a bit.

I'm tired of cooking every meal. That is way tougher than I imagined also. We've eaten out once in a week and will probably continue that frequency. That's 20 meals for 4 people in 7 days. And I have picky eaters and it's just too much. I think we can all confidently say the restaurant industry will go through a boom unlike any other when we can all get out!

Day 6: Thursday - Feeling better than yesterday, even though it's rainy. Settling in to the routine of home school in the morning and trying to get work done. I have run out of things for my little one to do. Coloring and crafts are no longer fun or exciting. I'll have to look for new ways to entertain her.

Watching the news is like watching the slowest car accident ever. Right now I'd say we are watching the car skid off the road. I don't think we've seen the impact yet. That is super scary. Life is definitely different. Tough at times for sure, but then there's no stress around plans or managing activities. That is a sad upside though...as someone who loves to plan things.

We are doing more FaceTiming and Kid Messenger so the kids can see their friends. Hopefully we can get outside tomorrow. That definitely helps break up the day. We need good weather during this insane time.

Day 5: Wednesday - Today is definitely not feeling as positive as I was yesterday. As they talk about closing school for the rest of the year and how this will last for 5 months, depression is definitely creeping in. Not to mention stress. I feel so bad my kids are missing their friends. It's all getting very sad.

There is a lot of time to fill in the days. We are running out of activities and that is getting tough. I read something like, 101 things to do inside with kids for ideas. Let's see how that goes!

Day 4: Tuesday - We are doing great! Getting into a new routine and modifying our house to fit our new life of never leaving it. Kids are really being great troopers and home school is going well so far.

With all of the unknown and panic, I am trying to be as calm and positive as I can. I just keep thinking about how lucky we are. We have a great house with lots of space to have different areas to work or play in. We have a great street to take walks around and a yard the kids can run in. I am loving and appreciating my situation way more than I did before we were quarantined!

Today was a bit tougher towards the end. The days are just SO long. From 6:30 a.m. to about 9:30 p.m. the kids are going non-stop. We've been good with school and the assignments, but it's a lot of time to fill while both parents are working. It also rained for part of the day so our outside time was limited.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better...at least weather-wise.

Day 3: Monday - First day of virtual school. After a little trouble logging in, we got right to work and it seems to be going well so far. We are working while one is doing virtual school and the other is quietly playing on the iPad...so far so good...for the first hour. We have 27 more days of this so I'm definitely going to have to get creative.

The rest of the day went well. We managed between meetings and virtual school went well for the most part. I hope each day gets a little easier.

The kids did really great. They listened mostly and played pretty well together. It got colder today so we only went for a short walk. Tomorrow hopefully we can be outside a bit more. The government seemed to lock things down a bit more. I'm still nervous about getting food, but praying the stores stay open. I am trying to stay positive and sane...today felt good.

Day 2: Sunday and for all things considered, it was a fairly fun day. We got out the bounce house, I meal planned, cooked like crazy, and the kids played outside for at least 7 hours. The weather was beautiful and we got to relax a lot. I started the cleaning challenge and tackled my fridge and pantry. Both organized and looking great.

My anxiety sits with obviously any of us getting sick first and foremost (all healthy right now) and second, running out of food. I think we have about 10 days worth of food. I have a grocery order planned to be delivered by Thursday, so fingers crossed that can actually happen. Then we'll be good for at least another 10 days.

Tomorrow starts home school. We have my son set up and I hope it goes smoothly for him. He's been into learning on the laptop so I'm being totally positive that this will be a good experience.

My prediction is that this week will be really bad and next week will be MUCH worse. Then 3 weeks from now it'll still be bad, but hopefully by then we'll start to turn the corner. That is my prediction and hope to say the least.

Like everyone else, we are officially not going away on Spring Break. I'm so sad, but obviously that's the least of our worries.

So Day 2 - trying not to panic and feeling optimistic. I don't think this has settled in yet, but it'll start to feel really really soon...

Day 1: Saturday, March 14, 2020

Today is Day 1 of 30 being home...as a family of 4...one house...no where else to go. School is officially off until mid-April and we all feel like the worst is yet to come. Although there have not yet been cases confirmed of Coronavirus in our town, they are going to extreme measures to keep everyone safe. Right now it's town by town to decide, but many states have closed completely.

The food stores are chaotic and there is mass hysteria in many areas. However, in some ways, people are going about their lives as if nothing is happening also. It's a weird in between time and we all hope it'll be over soon!