Holiday Magic by Moms

I've said it before and I'll say it again, in general, the majority of "holiday magic" is created by moms and women. During the year, we are the ones who have the silent responsibilities of remembering all of the things...all of the time. The holidays amps that responsibility up, what would you say, 100%...1000%? Yeah, something like that.

Every year my hubby and I have a similar discussion about the holidays. All of the work and effort it takes to pull it off, the lack of balance in what it takes to make it special...pretty much the same thing every year. This year was no different, even though our plans are altered, just like everyone else. However, I have gotten to a place where I do things and buy things for others that make ME happy. I decorate just enough for myself and try not to over do it, so I don't get too stressed or too resentful if I'm being perfectly honest. We're still festive, the house feels warm, I have twinkle lights up that make me smile and I feel good about it all.

I talk to so many women who are all in the same boat about the stress and responsibilities weighing mostly on them. This year is obviously harder because of the restrictions, lack of clarity of what is safe or unsafe and the over exhaustion of taking care of everyone's needs 24 hours a day, for almost a year with little to no break. We are tired. It's almost as if we've been making the magic happen all year long when you stop and think about it. We used to have a week between Christmas and New Years to entertain kids and have everyone home for that timeframe...and it still seemed long if I remember correctly. Now we've been at this new life for so long, being home together is just the new normal. The other day I said to one of my friends, "Isn't it so crazy to think about, that the kids used to be out of the house...all day...for FIVE days a week?! EVERY week?! I can't even remember what that was like."

Anyway...I'll urge you to find some peace and joy this holiday season for yourself. Do things that make YOU happy. No matter what, I bet you won't regret it.

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