HAMO (Help a Mother Out)

How do you combat complete exhaustion? Physically, mentally, emotionally drained day after day. We give everything we've got and then feel bad that we are tired and feel like we should be doing something. How can we give ourselves permission to sit, to be still, to say no? How can we ask for more help?

It is hard for me to ask for help sometimes. I want to do it all and I want the credit (see my post about needing lots of positive reinforcement). But then I want to yell, I can't do everything...and I really don't do everything, but it feels like that sometimes. Right now I'm not working, so I have a lot more time. My stress level is WAY down, but let's be honest, me being home has been as much of a gift for me as it has for my husband. I do 95% of things with the kids so he can focus on work or whatever he needs to do. And while I'm not working, I feel even worse about asking for help, but I'm still busy and tired all the time. That part I didn't expect and as moms who stay home, I wonder if you feel extra bad about asking for help?

Ultimately, I will need a lot more help again when I do go back to work soon. I will have to combat the need for getting all the credit (hardly) while needing to ask for a hand keeping the house going, here and there. As I've gone down this "mom blog" journey, with all of the blogs, podcasts, memes, etc. about mothers and how tough it is to balance everything, I wonder how we can have a better support system for each other.

Or is it that we have the support, but there's really just not enough help in the whole world to accomplish what we *think* we need to do? Is it just us? Can we tone it down ("it" being the plans, activities, play dates, house chores, family time, friends, and work) and still feel joy and fulfillment? Maybe that is what I need to plan for when I think about the help I'll need in the future. Plan for less of everything so there's more of me to go around. It's a lovely thought, but can I put it into practice?

Hmm...I'll have to think about this a bit more...when I'm not so tired.

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