Goat Yoga. Yup...I did it.

Updated: May 31, 2019

If you have been following my posts, you know I stopped working at the end of March and have been writing this blog to document my experience going from a full time working mom, to an at home mom. Not really a stay at home mom, because my kids are in daycare a lot, but I'm at home...and still a mom. If you haven't read anything I've written yet (like my husband who said this is "not his thing") now you are basically all caught up on me and this blog.

Since I'm home and have some extra time on my hands, I've been doing lots of fantastic things over the past few months, and it's been really great overall. Then my mother asked me to join her at Goat Yoga for a charity event. At first, I'll be honest, I said no. I saw it on the Real Housewives and the goats can pee and poop on you. Obviously, I was not into that at all...I deal with enough potty activity with my own kids at home. And then I thought, I'll write a blog post about it, so I called her back and said ok...and here it is.

If you are wondering how or why this is a thing, here's some background. According to the goat yoga website, goats are carefree, kind-hearted animals, that will lift your spirits, lessen your grief, and make you smile. The theory is similar to having a therapy animal, just brought to yoga, which is supposed to relax you anyway. Having baby goats run around is supposed to enhance your yoga experience. As someone who is not the biggest animal person, I was skeptical...

So, the day came and we met at a beautiful farm on a warm sunny day. I had my yoga mat, Purell wipes, change of clothes, and old towel ready for whatever was about to happen over the next 90 minutes. At the farm, this was the first time they were hosting goat yoga so it was new to all of us, including the goats. They had a fenced in area outside and we all set up our mats before they brought the goats in. We were all excited when the baby goats arrived. At first, they screamed their heads off, when they were separated from their mothers. The goats were only about 2 weeks old and about the size of a cocker spaniel. They were so adorable! Everyone was picking them up and petting them. It was very cute, but they were scared so they brought the mothers into the area too...about 5 or more big momma goats with HUGE horns. I was a little nervous around the babies, but now with the mothers, I could tell this was not going to be my most focused yoga class.

We finally got started and the goats were running and jumping all over everyone and their mats. The yoga instructor led us through the motions, but I could barely focus. Not only did I not want to get pooped on, now I didn't want to get rammed with a huge horn by a mother goat. My mom really got into it and followed the instructor perfectly, as if there were no loose animals all around us. I was doing a quarter of the poses and basically just stopped to sit and watch (and duck) from the goats jumping and running all over. At one point, the goats were so active, we all stopped and started playing with the babies again. After a few minutes, the instructor brought our attention back to her, but at that point, she lost most of the crowd. After about 30 minutes or so, the class ended and everyone just gathered around to take pictures and play with the animals.

Overall, it was a very strange experience. I loved being outside on the farm, but I don't know that the goats added to the calm serenity of yoga, as previously mentioned. My mom definitely liked it better than I did and would do it again. As for me, I managed to avoid poop, thankfully, which was my only real goal...

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