First Post & First Day Off

Today is the first day I have no office to go to, no job to attend, no back-to-back meetings, and no newborn to care for. Today is my first day NOT working. I've never not worked. While I'm not working, I want to dedicate part of my time to helping other moms out, and potentially also get help from a close community of fellow mothers. Welcome to MotheringMommy.

Since my last semester senior year of college, I was obsessed with getting a job. I actually got very lucky and got a job right away. I had to go back to my college a few weeks after I started working for my graduation. I've never not worked. When I was 15 my mom dropped me off at a bakery and said something like, you work here on weekends, now. As I've switched jobs, I pretty much would end on a Friday and start at a new company on a Monday. I've had two kids, so the closest I've come to not working is maternity leave, which ladies, is not NOT working, amiright?!

For the past seven years, half of my career, I've worked at a huge corporation. A complex, competitive, insanely paced, political and very successful company that has been an amazing experience, yet completely exhausting. The culture was tough, but I was able to figure it out and work my way through it all. However, as time went on, it felt more unbalanced of all give and no take, and I felt like I hit a plateau. I got tired of giving everything and the rare opportunity to step away was presented...and I took it! I AM OFF TODAY! And tomorrow, and the next day. It's weird, but I feel lucky and empowered. I want to use my time for good, and use my energy and the skills I've learned to positively benefit other moms in some way, shape, or form.

I'm in awe of women and mothers who are SO successful, and have to manage everything. Work, family, friends, society...everything. I'm in awe of you. It's so hard. Life, getting everything you want, or not, it is so hard. Even when it's perfect, it's hard. I want to be here to talk about how tough it is and how we can better cope together. That's the focus for my blog and I hope I can relate to you and you can relate to me. If you are a mother or a caregiver or not, I hope my perspective is interesting enough to bring you back.

If you have ever traded your pumps and blazers for sneakers and yoga pants, I'd love to hear what you did on day two...

My last day, as I (pretend) to walk out.

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