Feeding Family Fatigue: Another Meal. Another Meal. Another Meal.

My new "F" words are "Food" and "Feeding Family." As we are well over 6 months of the new world of being home all the time, I'm so exhausted of cooking. I don't dislike cooking, and I'm not the best cook, but I try really hard. I'm just so tired of feeding my family almost every meal, every single day. In our old life, lunch was always cared for; both of my kids have great food options at their schools, and normally my husband eats at his awesome office cafe.

Before in the old world, I'd have to plan for dinner and I'd have my routine meals, but we also ate out twice a week and then ordered food once or twice. That left a few meals I was responsible for and breakfast. Now, I'm cooking everything. Every day. All the time. I'm so tired of it. We order out maybe once or twice a week, but now the kids need me to make lunch for them because there's no meal plans for the days they are in school. My husband is still home and I make him lunch every day. It's not that it's tough, it's that it feels like my whole life. I know this is a silly thing to complain about. It just is what it is...and I'll continue on.

Then the cleaning. It feels like I spend 90% of my day in the kitchen. There's always something left over to clean and then I have the little snack monsters that constantly eat...between the eating! The amount of effort and mental capacity to constantly be providing nourishment to 4 people is getting old. I'm tired of spending this much energy on food for all of us. I'm out of ideas, nothing is fun or a treat any more. It's over stimulation for the taste buds and I'm over it.

Anyone else starting to hate these "F" words and having feeding family fatigue?!

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