Cheers to us! One. Week. Down.

One week. Today marks one week since we entered into the world of public school. From varying bus times every morning to now multiple pick up stops, special school days, and enough emails where I have to pull out my credit card to make my head spin. Who knew that daycare costs would be replaced with spirit wear, PTO funds, picture day (already?!), school lunches, volunteering for food days, moms night out, dads night out, family fun day and after school care? Not me, that's for sure. Tomorrow is back to school night and I expect an open bar!

So...of course I signed up for everything and whipped out my credit card for every email that came my way. But seriously, the new routine is definitely something to get used to. Things were SO different when I went to school. I know that makes me sound old, but I don't even know if my dad knew where my school was for the first 2 years. Now...Dad's night out? I love the inclusiveness (if that is a word), but the parent involvement is next level and I need to up my game.

The up side is that I've met some wonderful new parents and my friends who already have this routine down have helped me out a ton. However, all of this it's still one of those things that you have to experience for yourself before you can really understand it. Like becoming a parent or being an underwater welder, or eating a ghost think you know...can imagine what it is like...but have no idea.

I asked some of my seasoned mom friends for advice and I got a lot of great tips. The first one that I love and will live by is to volunteer for "kid facing" events. The ones where your kid sees you helping at school lunch or at a table selling swag. I love this advice! Especially as a working mom where I'll need to pick and choose my volunteer time. The second great piece of advice I got was to color code the calendar so you can do a quick scan of the week's events. Especially with kids in different schools now, every single day will be some kind of special activity. Finally, the last nugget I am taking literally and not feeling guilty about, is to not over do it at first and not to beat myself up over everything we DON'T do. Activities, parties, special events - they will all be there in the future...forever and ever. If we miss a sports season at first until I get my sea legs (been hooked on Below Deck Med recently) it's ok. Life will not end and we are not bad people.

I hope you all made it through your first week successfully and can relate to my being lost in the new world. Or is it just me? Either way, CHEERS TO US!

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