Best Part of Your Day?

What's the best part of your day? Is it your first cup of coffee? When the kids get on the bus or go to bed? Sitting with your partner reflecting on the day or dinner time with the fam? I never really thought about this until today. I talk a lot about how hard being a mom is and having small children who take SO much out of you, but I want to share the best part of my day for a fun and positive topic...

Today, my husband had to leave early for a meeting and he checked in a little later to see how everyone got off to school. He also asked if I was ok...Yes, he's fantastic! Anyway, I told him all went well and then I thought about it and told him that the best part of my day is walking my son to the bus stop - just two houses down. No matter how crazy getting out of the house is or how many times I have to say, "Put your shoes on!" which is a lot...When we are outside and walking, it's the absolute best!

Right now the leaves are so beautiful and the weather is just a little crisp. We get to hold hands and talk while we walk...even though it's only for a few minutes. I love this time! We talk about the events coming up for the day, or something exciting we're looking forward to, or just a funny looking leaf or branch that we pass on our way.

Think about the best part of your day. In all of the craziness we all have, all of the time, if there's a moment that you love, embrace it and appreciate it just a little more. I truly believe having something to look forward to sparks joy. We all have this, we just might not realize it. I hope this makes you think of the best part of your days and you enjoy them just a tiny bit more.

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