178 Days - But Who is Counting?

On March 14, I started a post that was called "Home for a Month" and I remember on that specific day, I could not imagine in my wildest dreams, all of us being home together for a month straight. At that time, 2 day weekends were long. LONG. On Sunday nights we were both exhausted and excited for Monday to arrive. I kept up writing, really for myself, until 108 days. By then the whole world changed, to what we all know as reality today.

Fast forward 6 months, 178 Days, and we are back to school for the first time. The first time my children are not home. It's quiet...It's weird...It's great. It was really tough to make the call to send them to school, even for a few days a week. I was back and forth about it, and we will continue to pray everything will be ok, but we made the choice and today was their first day of school. Seeing how excited they were to go back, see their friends, and learn from someone other than me (God help these poor children!) made it all worth it. Of course, everyone has to do what is right for their family situation and I'm just sharing what we have decided to do. Although it was not an easy decision, I am hopeful and looking ahead with optimism.

Over the summer and the past 178 days, I have learned and grown in ways I would never have expected. Today, we are a much more connected family. I have loved my children in new ways than I did before. I see how they learn and understand things that I had never realized before. We sincerely appreciated the calm summer of less plans, more family time with our parents and siblings, and have formed deeper connections than we had before. It was definitely rough at different points, and will continue to be tough sometimes, I'm sure of it, but I feel lucky for so many things. Especially in such a time of uneasiness, pain, suffering, and unknown, I know how lucky we are...even during the toughest days.

As things have evolved, I never wanted to be insensitive to blog with silly nonsense and have deleted more posts than I published, however I do believe in optimism, putting good things into the universe and being grateful. We all live in a different world now, and I hope there is growth and gratitude in your own way, that you can reflect on. I do believe this new world requires our best selves, and I can say I'm more centered and grateful, which makes me feel like a better version of myself, than I was before. I wonder how we will all grow in the next 178 days? Best self, I will never stop working for you!

Bye bye summer! Looking into the future....

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